April quiet-times bring May business?

April quiet-times bring May business?

It’s May! Aka birthday month in our little family. Or, the perfect time to share another update from the corner stationery shop. If you missed it (because I barely shared it…), I wrote a little thing about the one-year anniversary of the online store. 

So, what’s new at Warm Wishes? April started off very slowly, so slowly that I was worried it was going to be January 2.0. But, my community rallied and I received a ton of online orders which help offset the slower-than-usual local shopping. The good thing (though is it good?) is that other local business owners reported a slower April as well so it wasn’t Warm Wishes-specific. I am still learning those seasonal ebbs and flows and today I am just grateful the wind storm has died down outside and I can open my shop door and let in the sun in. Oh, also in April, my best friends from Iowa City visited and I was on the front page of the local paper. Let me know if you’d like to read the article and I can get you access.

This past weekend we had two very special events at the shop: an 11-year-old’s birthday party and a library book wreath-making event. It was fun to transform the shop in two very different ways as we went from balloon arches and vision boards on a wild Friday to serene paper rolling and hot glueing on a rainy Saturday. 

This month brings Mother’s Day, teacher appreciation week, graduation, and recitals. We are hosting another birthday party and a Mother’s Day paper flower bouquet event at the store. Plus I’ve been working with folks in the community to plan a Friday night block party with food trucks, local hard cider, and a party in the alley with music by my DJ friends.

We are barreling toward the anniversary of the Bell Tower Festival pop-up shop and I am so excited for what we have planned. You’ll have to come visit! 

Warm wishes,



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